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i'm still getting compliments from my ugly betty halloween costume. not sure if that is a compliment or not as i pretty much wore my regular clothes.
my grades are awesome... awesomely bad.
and my school is considered the worst school in canada. good choice Lauren good choice. though it has the best journalism, political science and aerospace programs in the country- none of which i remotely want to switch into.

happy thanksgiving my little yankees
wish i could see ya.
back to formals

ps i need suuuuuunnn by brain and skin are dull and blah i need sun where is the sun stop the rain...

Sep. 25th, 2006

Well it has been awhile, I decided to take a break from my report for Cell Physiology and Biochem. So far I have to say my expectations of classes have been crushed. Though I love Organic Chemistry is such an interesting class not to mention the teacher is helpful. Cell Biochem on the otherhand is like listening to the a tape fast forwarding. Every time I go to that class I think can this man take some insulin and lower his glucose levels a bit. Geeky I know. I then find out he has diabetes and I don't feel sorry, because fix your fucking insulin levels. Stats is much easier then high school stats thank god. I love Anthropolpgy and my teacher looks and sounds like Bono its somewhat funny. But most of all I hate Physical Biochemistry it is neither biology or chemistry but integral filled physics. I have to say that Mr.Perry is a life saver I still have my notes from high school and they help alot unlike university physics. So far the readings and lab are interesting and I get them but class make me want to switch fully to anthropology if not for the fact I can't double up on arts and science majors. The only good thing that comes out of phys bioc is the tight knit study group I have.

Unfortunately, said study group is fasting so when we study I fast to. But, its interesting that 90% of my friends are muslim and they come at it from different angles, though there is some animosity that makes me laugh at religion.Thanksgiving it coming up meaning more formals and midterms yay! but hey i am getting a good education for a school known for their politics :o

I didnt't get this job I applied for and was hoping for.Oh well. Almost got hit on Hog's Back and Mooney's Bay fucking postal trucks.

I went to Glenda's quinceanera this weekend.so obligatory dancing insued. I'm so awful at it. I also saw a few old friends from last year, and Josh told me Shannon left Carleton that depresses me I think she was becoming one of my closer friends at the end of the year, but we didn't talk much of the summer due to time and space yada yada yada.

Now that fall is official and the beatiful colours are out shining the Rideau canal,and Colonel By on the way to school. I have to say summer was awesome. I saw those closest to me.Late night drives with Ryan.Beach time with Chirby and Julia.Alb and his high school gal pals.Drew and his sarcasm. Yoyo and her advice as usual. Partied hard, terribly hard, that one night and still have the grass stains on my jeans to prove it . I don't like guys with gold teeth its scares me, but you know the reason. I miss the beach. Italy was great I like the old geezers at Ostia they reminded of Florida sun bathing geezers.The sites, the cobble stones, the nice people and the restaurant around the corner with seafood and cous cous. And the walks in Villa Borghese or to Popolo from the hotel,it was nice. but, Naples was more exciting for me, in some ways it reminded me of Panama.

I really have some great memories of this year. So thank you.
A kiss in the Ruins of Pompeii can be suprising and memorable in a few words.
Ace Ventura lol
San Diego dorkiness
Rome was awesome and hot, and Lyon relaxing.

School starts in a week or so and I still havent got my scholarship money I hate coming back to reality.
What a fucking awesome summer this has been.

VENTING dont read unless obsessed

A girl can only carry so much sadness
ITALY was always my team when i was younger but i grew in Vanier so yeah.
italy should have lost to australia
Zidane nooo but love u nonetheless, great header lol.
Gattuso has gained my respect beyond belief no more the beast
i proundly wore my arsenal jersey after the game
i wish PIRES and GIULY were on the squad

i love KAHN and the Portugal and Germany game
I love HENRY as usual as i have since grade 9, well more arsenal- i was scared early
I hope RIBERY joins Arsenal, wonderful player
i cant say i'm as depressed as the gunners/barca game but close. for me the Italians winning is ok as INTER and AC are second and third favourite teams. still i hope in six weeks FRANCE KILLS ITALY
o and lastly i hate hate MATERAZZI pouh pouh.
but i still feel okay beacuse atleast i knew france was in the finals and that i guessed GREECE in EURO 2004.
i could go on and on.
i'm glad i'm a few blocks from lil' ITALY but i can still here the noise.
i'm quite busy for the next month so i wont be on for a long time and thats great.
to end this tournament KAKA KAKA lol.
looks like i dont leave till wednesday or so.


drunken nights fun
leaving in a week boo.

QUESTION does anyone want a free 1988 honda civic hatchback. good on gas. needs new rims and oil tank. no air conditioning. still works. new spark plugs and i think other things.... but its free.

will write summer when i'm back in canada.
besides the fact that my mom gave me a two day exstavanganza
my dad just called to tell me he bought me a jersey- but he won't tell which team or number a girl can hope for burgundy/yellow 23,14,3,or sigh 7.OR a INTER #7. I have a terrible feeling he is lying and is going to give a barca or ac milan shirt. His teams. Guilty confession I have a huge crush on AC Kaka.
I was born to a life of spoils.

Coffee Cake gave me the sweetest happy birthday wish and that was all I could ask for.
dan really looks like dan it is so weird.twins sepreated at birth perhaps?

there are men outside my house with chainsaws cutting down my tree and scratching my car. i guess it symbolizes "this is it".
so i'm back in delray
how about a mini party again?
ALB called me right after i messaged him, but he is hanging with his boy and shona i think...
i'm going undercover for him lol what a joke.


So I'm leaving town Wednesday and I get a frickin' job offer. Why am I always torn between two good things.
Job would give me money and something to do here till summer class begins. Vacation would be friendly.

Walking out of the mall my dad tells me he is sending me to Florida because I've been moping about.So my dad sprung an early,and very surprising birthday present on me. He is so weird he says he won't pay my tuition this year and now he is paying for my flight. I think he's angry with himself as he just the miss the chance of not having me be dependent on him. I would have,happily,worked, but a plane ticket costs money.:0

cya soon
I finally finished that book
I really hate Hemingway
i've been avoiding calls lately
been hanging with dougie and alex lately
not really wanting to go to da vinci tomorrow
no work
2weeks overcast
there talking about the killer alligators in fl in the news here
anyone notice the snow patrol songs on all these medical dramas
not complaining havent stop listening to snow patrol and guilty pleasure gnarls barkley
arsenal lost so depressed yesterday
barca didnt deserve to win
i might get a kitten and name it gatsby or fuser
i want to go biking but been so hermatic lately
soccer game today and didnt go weird